The Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program


The Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program

Katy Music Studio is now teaching The Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program for piano, clarinet, and music theory.

For more than 130 years, The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) has offered an internationally renowned certificate program of music study and assessment. Today, the program is considered one of the finest and highest caliber music educations around the world.

What is The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program?

The RCM Certificate Program is a world-class comprehensive music study and assessment, beginning with the preparatory level(s), followed by levels 1 to 10. With the completion of each level, students become knowledgeable in music subjects and refine their skills while nurturing a lifelong appreciation for music. At each level, a certificate of achievement can be earned by successfully completing an exam.

Why take the exam(s)?

This is because examinations:

  • help students to set and achieve their goals and round out their musical knowledge.
  • teach students to meet deadlines, accept criticism, perform under pressure.
  • build students’ self-confidence through achievement and celebration.
  • provide objective feedback and comments from an accredited examiner.

Students who take exams gain additional benefits in their daily lives.

  • Students who participate in RCM exams tend to become more dedicated to their instrument and practice. The dedication and study habits formed will be valuable in academic and future jobs.
  • Achievement in the world-renowned RCM Certificate Program provides an opportunity for students to uniquely distinguish themselves on college applications and resumes.

What are the benefits of The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program?

  • High quality: The Royal Conservatory offers a rigorous program ensuring students learn skills ranging from preparatory to advance.
  • Comprehensive: The RCM Certificate Program incorporates technique, repertoire, etudes/studies, sight-reading, ear training, and theory.
  • Structure: The program provides a consistent clear-levelled path for wellrounded musical training, and meaningful structure for recognizing and rewarding excellence.
  • Recognition of Achievement: Student performance is recognized at each level through examinations and regional and national awards. Students can celebrate their accomplishments and track their progress.
  • Accredited Assessments: All level examinations are professional, objective, consistent, and delivered by accredited examiners.
  • Convenient: Both students and teachers can self-register online for the certificate program. The exams are given twice a year. Students can register when they feel prepared.
  • Lifelong Enjoyment of Music: The skills that students acquire through The RCM Certificate Program will give students the musical proficiency and tools for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.


Faculties of Katy Music Studio are excited to work with parents and students to advance performance skills and musicianship. If you have any questions about The Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program, please feel free to contact Katy Music studio at 281-392-2121.

We are looking forward to becoming a part of your child’s achievement.