Christina Suplee piano



Christina Suplee started playing the piano when she was six years old and fell in love with the instrument. She was classically trained but was introduced to all varieties of music from pop, ragtime, worship, hymns, holiday, rock, and was in several jazz bands throughout the years. She soloed in several contests and competitions and accompanied several instrumentalists and vocalists throughout junior high and high school. She’s also played at several churches, nursing homes, and weddings. She attended Butler University in Indianapolis, IN and studied piano and flute at the Jordan College of Fine Arts, graduating in 2013 with a degree in Music Business.

Christina started teaching piano in high school and continued off and on throughout college. When she moved to Katy, TX in the summer of 2014 she pursued teaching piano full time, and now she couldn’t dream of doing anything else. She loves teaching students that music is a language. She has found that when students mix practice and discipline with creativity, piano becomes something different to each student. She knows that every student has different goals and desires for wanting to take piano, and so she tailors the curriculum she uses to best meet the needs of each student. Her current students range from 4-60+ years old with a variety of skill levels. She would love to meet you/your child and share piano with you/them.