KerriViolin | Viola | Fiddle | Pre-School
Speaks English & Russian

    Kerri graduated magna cum laude from Texas A&M University with a degree in Music and one in Anthropology. She has been playing the violin and fiddle for 18 years. Trained in both classical and fiddle, Kerri has always had a love for music. Kerri has been a member of the Texas Old Time Fiddlers’ Association for thirteen years and frequently competes in contests. She has taught violin for 7 years.

    In addition to fiddling, Kerri enjoys classical music and played with both the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra and the Texas A&M University Orchestra. Kerri also has chromesthesia, a form of synesthesia where when she hears music, she sees color.

    She is also a grade school art teacher at a Katy area private school.