Pre-school Classes

Katy Music Studio’s group classes for pre-school ages 3-4 years old is designed for children who love music but may not be ready for one-on-one private lessons.

The focus of the curriculum involves learning basic music concepts like timing and pitch in much the same way a child learns their ABCs and numbers. This involves crafts, playing with instruments, singing along with songs, the foundations of music and more! Students will learn music theory such as rhythm, read notes, and beginner piano all while having fun and developing group social skills.

It is an ongoing program that prepares students to “graduate” to private lessons when they are ready.

Learning to play a musical instrument and acquiring the unique habits that come with it is one of the most rewarding opportunities our studio offers your child. The instrument that is placed in your child’s hands has the power to transform their lives. In addition to musical accomplishments, your child will learn to:

  • Be patient and persistent with both new challenges and with themselves
  • Develop a curiosity, love, and taste for music
  • Learn the differences between sound and music
  • Understand the basics of music theory and rhythm.

You, the parent, play a vital role in the musical education of your child, and you can be successful at this even if you don’t believe yourself to be musical! Supporting your child at home is easy and fun — if you can teach them to clean up their toys you can help them develop a healthy practice routine at home. There are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure your child enjoys music as part of their life for years to come:

  1. Treat music as a long-term commitment right from the start.
  2. Embrace the “offline” time.  By this, I mean your child’s ability to become a deep and complex person relies so much upon their ability to build their attention span.
  3. Understand that your child’s instrumental music experience can be crucial to their growth as human beings. When taught well and minimally supported at home, the craft of learning a musical instrument develops fortitude, willpower, and metacognitive skills that parents stay up nights hoping their children have when they grow up.
  1. Music in the early years of your little one’s life is a team effort.


Teacher: Cristina

Cristina fell in love with playing piano at age 8 and has been playing ever since. Cristina has a passion for teaching and watching her students blossom into full fledged pianists. She has been teaching for over a decade and has 3 small children of her own.