Katy Music Studio


Tuition Due Dates and Payment Options

The $120 monthly tuition is due at your first lesson of the month. Please consider that teaching is the primary source of income for many of the teachers at Katy Music Studio.

There are 2 methods of payment.

1. For your convenience we offer auto-payment. You can designate the date you would like us to run your tuition.

2. Cash or check – is paid directly to the teacher. Checks are made out in the teacher’s name and not Katy Music Studio.

Monthly Tuition

Lesson tuition pays for a month of lessons. Tuition is not calculated on the number of lessons in a given month.

Monthly tuition is $120. It is natural to assume that $120 is for 4 lessons per month BUT… 4 lessons X 12 months = 48 weeks. One year = 52 weeks

1. Every month of the year, except February, has at least 2 days that have 5 lessons.

2. 5 lesson months even out the occasional 3 lesson months (i.e. December holidays, spring break etc) over the course of the year.

Makeup Policy

There are 3 makeup lessons per student per calendar year i.e. if your first make up lesson is July 8, 2018 your makeup calendar starts on that date. A teacher absence does not count towards a student’s 3 makeup lessons.

Your $120 tuition is based on renting a room and a teacher at a specific time each week. The majority of makeup lessons require the teacher to find additional time and an available room to teach a makeup lesson. With the studio at near capacity the practicality of scheduling a makeup lesson can be challenging.

Last minute cancellations do not allow a teacher sufficient time to schedule a makeup for another student.