Do you accept total beginners?

Yes, we teach all levels from beginners to near professional musicians. Complete beginners are welcome.

How often will I come for a lesson?

Most students come once a week, for a 30-minute private lesson. 45-minute and 60-minute weekly lessons are also available for students who desire longer lessons. For most students, one 30-minute lesson per week is adequate if the student comes to his or her lesson prepared.

What ages do you teach?

Minimum age requirements are set by the individual teacher. Most of our teachers accept students at 7 years of age and older.

What days/hours do you teach?

Most lessons occur between the hours of 3:00pm and 8:00pm Monday through Friday, and 9:00am – 4:00pm on Saturday. 12pm noon – 5pm Sunday.

Lessons are paid once a month directly to the teacher. There are no contracts. For current pricing click request information.

If your first lesson falls in the middle of the month, we prorate your tuition for the 1st month to reflect only the lessons you actually receive. After that, we charge a flat monthly rate and tuition remains the same each month.

Occasionally, a student will receive only 3 lessons in a month due to the occurrence of a major holiday. However, all students receive extra lessons throughout the year because some months have more than 4 weeks. Months with 5 lessons balance out the occasional months where a holiday causes a student to receive 3 lessons.

When comparing tuition between schools, remember that some schools increase tuition or skip lessons for months that have an extra (5th) lesson. At our school, the 5th lesson is always included at no extra charge.

What styles of music can you teach?

Our teachers come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds. If you are an intermediate-advanced student that desires to learn a specific style, please let us know. We can direct you to the teacher best suited to your stylistic preferences. All teachers are qualified to teach a well-rounded curriculum of basic music to beginners.

Where do the lessons take place?

Lessons are taught in the studio. We do not offer in home lessons.

What is the difference between taking lessons at a music store, a teacher’s house, and Katy Music Studio?

At Katy Music Studio our attention and energy goes to ensuring students get a high-quality music education. Unlike teachers at retail stores, our instructors do not spend lesson time trying to sell products to students. Our teachers are not music store sales people who teach lessons when they are not on the sales floor. Our teacher’s only job is to teach and play music.

We differ from at-home lessons in that we provide a safe and professional environment free from the many distractions commonplace in the home. Teaching is a professional occupation for our instructors, not a part-time hobby. Home based teachers typically do their own scheduling, phone calls, tuition collection, advertising, facility maintenance and so on. We have desk staff so that our teacher’s focus only on teaching their students how to play music.

Taking lessons in a music school environment also allows students to enjoy the benefits of learning in a musical community where students can meet others who share their passion for music. We dedicate time, energy, and resources into providing students with regular opportunities to perform for friends and family in student showcase events. Home-based and web referral-type traveling music teachers do not have the resources, staff and facilities to put on the kind of student showcases and recitals that we offer.

Are instruments provided?

Our school has acoustic pianos and guitar amplifiers for use during lessons. We have a violin that is available for use at a student’s first lesson or two until they purchase or rent and instrument of their own.

We do NOT provide instruments for students to take home. Call us for recommendations of local retailers if you’re shopping for an instrument.

How much do lessons cost?

For current pricing inquire by clicking on the link… Request Info.

If your first lesson falls in the middle of the month, we prorate your tuition for the 1st month to reflect only the lessons you actually receive. After that, we charge a flat monthly rate and tuition remains the same each month.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month and is paid directly to the instructor. All instructors accept cash or check. Some accept PayPal, Square for credit cards, and direct bank deposits. Make payment arrangements with your instructor. There are no contracts regarding music lessons.

Is there a registration or enrollment fee?

No, we do not charge an enrollment fee, administration fee, or office fee.

Will I need a book?

Some teachers prepare material for students while others use method books. Discuss your lesson plan with your teacher.

How do I set up a lesson time?

Please call Katy Music Studio at 281-392-2121. If you get our voice mail, please leave a message and your call will be returned promptly. Please let us know which instrument you want to learn to play and the age of the student if the student is a child. The best time to call is during the morning and the afternoon.

What are the qualifications of teachers?

Each of the teachers that work at Katy Music Studio was selected based on education, performance credentials and teaching experience. Our teachers come from diverse musical backgrounds. Whenever possible, we try to match new students to the teacher who will be most appropriate for their needs. Check the Teachers page for individual teacher bio’s.

What if my teacher misses a lesson?

Occasionally, a teacher will miss a lesson due to illness, family emergency or other schedule conflict. Whenever this happens, the teacher and school office may choose to arrange for a substitute teacher or arrange a make up lesson. Many students enjoy an occasional lesson with another teacher.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your lesson time is reserved specifically for you and is unavailable to other students. Your teacher has made a commitment to instruct you at that time. Make every effort to come to your lesson and avoid scheduling other activities during your lesson time. Consistent attendance helps ensure your best progress.

Any lesson cancelled by your instructor will be rescheduled by the instructor.

Lessons cancelled by the student will be rescheduled if and when possible; subject to the instructor’s availability. Note that your instructor will most likely be staying extra time to do your makeup which, in effect, is two lessons times for them.

Never cancel a lesson because you have not had time to practice. It is better to come in and review the material so progress is not halted yet another week.

My friend taught himself to play using the internet. Is it possible to learn that way?

We do not recommend using online sources as your primary means of instruction. If you are a beginner the main difficulty is the online teacher can not critique or offer feedback for your playing. Self-taught players are often easy to spot by their poor technique and lack of basic music knowledge. We believe that after you have the basics down, learning songs from online sources like a tablature site or YouTube can be a fun supplement to private lessons.

One of the problems with online sources is that most of the information is presented by amateurs. One of the benefits of having a teacher and weekly lessons is the structure and accountability it offers.